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How much retract??

Posted by tjhj2 
How much retract??
October 01, 2012 01:17PM

I am having some blobbing issues and was wondering how much retract you guys are running?

I have been running 7mm at 45mm/s with the larger bowden cable the 3/16 ID one. I can't seem to get this blobbing to stop.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: How much retract??
October 01, 2012 02:54PM
I personally find 5 to 5.5 is about right. Longer can result in the head being stationary to long which leaves bumps. But the problem is most likely the temperature or filament. Try lowering the temperature until it fails to print and then raise it 10c. If that does not solve it you may have some moisture in the filament which can cause it to ooze.

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