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Layer consistency issue

Posted by willworkforplastic 
Layer consistency issue
December 19, 2012 03:05AM
About a week ago, my tantillus started getting a very rough layer consistency on it. Photo attached, but is very hard to see without proper microscope. Both gcodes where generated on KISS slicer (awesome find by the way). To combat this I have tried:

1. Cleaning nozzle out put letting material cool in it and then pulling out
2. Checking all tensions on cables
3. Tried different flow rates
4. Rebuild extruder, flated/loctited shafts etc.
5. Green material in photo was not doing it and now it is.

The only other 2 things I can think of is the material is not consistent in someway or I need to replace the Stainless threaded rod on the Z axis. DTI'ing the bed and moving it up or down seems to be off by 0.02-0.05mm but it is hard to tell as there are really no steel faces for the mag base to attach to.

Anybody got thoughts on this?
open | download - Layer Consitancy.JPG (529.5 KB)
Re: Layer consistency issue
December 20, 2012 05:15PM
I have the same issue and it hasn't bothered me enough yet to try fixing it, but I've been thinking it's most likely because my hot end is a little loose. I can easily wobble mine back and forth a bit within the carriage housing using my hand, so I figure it's got to wobbling a little during prints as well.

I think the Z-axis screw sounds like a good candidate too.
Re: Layer consistency issue
December 20, 2012 05:45PM
Also on mine a couple of the Printed LM8UU bushings are not completely tight within the XY Ends and I thought that might be causing it too.

The LM8UU bearing friction fit in my carriage is also not super tight, so that could also be it.
Re: Layer consistency issue
December 20, 2012 06:25PM
Re: Layer consistency issue
December 26, 2012 02:51AM
Well I replaced the threaded rod and nuts and all is well again.

Turns out I stupidly put in stainless nuts (picked the wrong ones during installation) on stainless threaded rod and even with grease they just galled/wear'ed on each other. Running steel nuts on Stainless threaded rod now with high quality grease, so I will see how that goes.

Out of interest has anybody done any research into micro sized ball screws? I know they use them on dimension machines and the layer consistency is really good. I did get a price from a crowd in China for a TBI (Taiwanese) 6mm diameter, 1mm pitch ball screw but it was $170USD so opted not to get it.
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