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Posted by maik 
August 18, 2013 08:19PM
So I can't really figure out what's causing this to happen, but it's happened on a few prints now, including right off the bat on a short, 10 minute print. Any ideas? I thought perhaps it was due to overheating, but the immediate skewing seems to discount that. I noticed the grub screws were a bit loose on the motor gears so I tightened those up and am reprinting the small part. Seems to be ok this time.

Re: Skewing
August 18, 2013 10:21PM
My guess would be the grub screw on the gears.

Then possibly the current is set too high and the driver goes into protection mode.

After that I would try turning the travel speed down. For the belt replacement of the gears I find 120mm/s is about the max for reliable with my under powered used motors.

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Re: Skewing
September 23, 2013 08:15PM
Hi Maik,
I'm starting to notice this on some of my prints as well. Were you able to resolve this?

Re: Skewing
September 24, 2013 05:14AM
I had this on mine and it was a combo of the drive train slipping and the stepper drivers over-heating in summer as I was driving them of 19V.
Re: Skewing
September 29, 2013 06:14PM
I have had this a couple of times over the last couple of days. The first time was two separate step shifts in the X-axis on the same print. I turned up the current on the stapper drive slightly and that sorted the problem. The other time was a consistent skewing of the same axis. I traced this to a loosening of the grub screws on the large gears. Hope this helps.
Re: Skewing
September 29, 2013 08:41PM
Mine was due to loosening grub screws as well.
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