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Replacement end stop?

Posted by ernchesto 
Replacement end stop?
October 25, 2013 04:07PM
My endstop (z-axis) seems to have sh*t the bed, and isn't stopping bed travel. It seems to be the result of user error: I positioned the glass plate a bit too far in (inset from front edge of plexi bed) by mistake. When I homed the z, I got to helplessly watch the bed push into the endstop, without triggering it (not entirely sure if the cable was damaged). The result now, however, is that the z travel doesn't respond to endstop switch actuation.

If anyone has experienced this, and has a solution, I'm all ears.

Otherwise, does anyone know if anyone in Vancouver area sells replacements?

Re: Replacement end stop?
October 25, 2013 05:39PM
The microswitch is a very common switch found in many devices. They are used in arcade cabinets under the push buttons, in microwaves for the door, etc. I believe you can get them from Lee's electronics, electro-sonic, RP electronics, main electronics, 123active and a few others. I would just google Electronics suppliers vancouver. If you need one with the cable just message me and I can make one up and mail it to you.

p.s. if they have the lever or roller on them the odds are you can just remove it and end up with the same as what you have already.

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Re: Replacement end stop?
October 25, 2013 08:10PM
I just grabbed one from Lee's. I should be able to make this work again.

Thanks for your help!
Re: Replacement end stop?
November 01, 2013 04:35PM
There is a small momentary push button switch on the Arduino board that is the microcontrollers reset switch, if you solder some wires across the switch and run them outside the case to a large momentary on button switch it will serve as an emergency stop. That way if anything ever goes wrong again you won't have to helplessly watch in horror as you bot destroys itself in slow motion.
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