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Sparse spots on layers

Posted by maik 
Sparse spots on layers
December 19, 2013 01:19AM
Hi again. Anyone know what the deal is here:

This happens consistently at that spot on the print bed (and in other spots as well). I assumed it meant the rear wasn't high enough, so I tried raising it up. When I did that it was too high and the head started dragging along the plate. I backed it off a bit and ended up just re-leveling the whole bed but the same thing happens in the same spot(s).
Re: Sparse spots on layers
December 19, 2013 01:45AM
It really does look like it is not level. How many layers are on the print pictured? If it is only in the first couple layers I would increase the bed roughness setting, it is actually just a first layer modifier named poorly. If you input 0.05 and you are printing at 0.15mm layers you will have a first layer of 0.2mm . This can help ensure you are getting good flow and makes for a better base for the next layers. Last thing is it may be your glass is uneven. You can try turning the glass over and see if the back is better.

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