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Expanding the lasercut case?

Posted by tschmid 
Expanding the lasercut case?
February 07, 2014 01:48AM
Hey everyone!

I've been looking at building a Tantillus type printer for a little while but I'd like it to have a 200x200mm (100mm in the z is still fine) print bed. I know that Sublime designed expansion panels for the printed version but I've not found any mention on the LC version. So the quesion is can I simply add length (105mm) to the panels and keep all of the printed parts the same to accommodate the larger bed?

Thanks for any info and happy printing.
Re: Expanding the lasercut case?
February 07, 2014 02:13AM
For the width you can just add half the extra width to each side between the Z axis mount holes and the bearing holes (the bed is not in the center). For depth you may have to design a new Z axis because the cantilever may not be able to handle the extra depth. Height is the easiest and the best to extend. On X and Y the extra size means more wraps of cables on the rods which has its downfalls. But on Z with the cable Z you can go up to 250-300mm without any problems. So my recommendation would be wider and taller. If you must have deeper you may want to look at JimJimma's variant or at least his Z axis which lifts from the side.

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Re: Expanding the lasercut case?
February 08, 2014 09:39PM
Thanks, Sublime, that's exactly what I was looking for and I will keep it in mind. Since this will be my first printer build I will probably save the tinkering and modifying for my next build and stick with the established plans for now.

Slightly unrelated - Has anyone had success/failure using 6mm MDF as a frame material?
And - Would these Self lubricating bearings work in place of all of the lm8uu bearings?
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