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Metric Parts?

Posted by cosmicr 
Metric Parts?
January 08, 2016 01:38AM
I'm considering doing a Tantillus build, but I'm from Australia and we use the Metric system here.

I'm want to convert the printed parts to work with metric, but I am finding some inconsistencies in the BOM. For example, why does the axis use a mixture of metric and imperial rods? The difference is almost negligible, and probably beyond the tolerance of the printed parts, but nevertheless it's there, and I can't seem to make sense of it.

The nuts and bolts are a strange mix of metric and imperial also, probably because some of the things only come that way.

Would I have to change Firmware settings if I used a Metric lead screw/threaded rod?

What else would I have to consider if using all Metric parts?
Re: Metric Parts?
January 09, 2016 10:31AM
The reason for the mixed use of 5/16th rods and 8mm are the skate bearings. They won't fit on an 8mm rod as their ID is within the tolerance difference between 8mm and 5/16th inch. Other than that you could probably use metric parts for bolts that are close. For example M2.5 or M3 for 4-40.

As far as firmware settings. I am about this tackle that issue, and my guess is it is a minimal calibration issue.

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Re: Metric Parts?
May 06, 2016 07:19AM
Same kind of question here. I have local supply for metric parts and was looking for a solution to replace 5/16 rods.. Idea is just to get bronze bushing,cut it in half and use instead of 608'ts.
But maybe somebody experiened can suggest a better solution
Re: Metric Parts?
May 10, 2016 08:00AM

I have built a metric Tantillus recently. I actually purchased 8mm rods from Aliexpress and some skate bearings from Aliexpress as well. The problem with the bearings was that they were really bad quality with a huge amount of play on the 8mm rods. I then purchased some high quality bearings and they were a snug press fit. But I could press them on the rods and remove them by hand.
Re: Metric Parts?
May 27, 2016 02:04AM
I have made a metric version named tantillus A2, hope it can help.

model is shared in thingiverse , modified firmware is in github


hope you can find it useful.
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