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JuryRig of the Month Contest

Posted by Rburnham87 
JuryRig of the Month Contest
September 04, 2012 01:55PM
JuryRig of the Month

Scenario: It is late at night and you are enjoying a snack when you hear a noise outside. When you look out the window, there is a group of men walking towards the outside of your home. You recognize these to be a local gang that is notorious for house robbery. They will be inside in a matter of minutes and this gives you enough time to jury-rig something together. You don’t want to kill them, but teach them a lesson so they will no longer live a life of crime. The items at your disposal are anything located in a kitchen and living room. Your bedroom and gun locker are just too far away and you will lose sight of them.

Goal: To solve the scenario by combining two items in the environment. Please feel free to think outside the box and be outlandish.

JuryRig: Mankind has discovered that he/she possesses the ability to combine any two items together. The main item gains one attribute from attached item. For example an RPG chainsaw, It is a fully functional chainsaw but with the ability to be fired like a rocket. This is a favored tool of many zombie survivalists.

1st place $10
2nd Place $7
3rd Place $3

Grading Criteria: This competition will be based on 3 main categories and some bonus categories
1. Likes on Thingiverse- A total of 5 points can be earned. 5pts going to the #1 contestant with the most likes, 4pts going to the next 20%, 3pts going to the next 20%, 2pts going to the following 20%, and 1pt going to the rest.
2. Creativity- This category is worth 5 points and will be graded by Open Source Printing’s staff. This is based on originality of design, creativeness of items used, and what attributes are combined.
3. How well it meets the challenge- This category can earn a total of 5pts and will also be graded by Open Source Printing’s staff. This is based on how well you explain how your tool is used and how it meets the scenario of the month.
4. Create a model- This is a bonus category and is worth 2pts. This category is not required but if you do create a model of your device (working or not) and post it on your Thingiverse page, you will earn the bonus 2 points.
Competition Schedule: The competition will start September 4th and conclude the last of the month. Grading will commence on October 14th, this will allow viewers to like projects.

Each contestant will email rburnham@osprintingllc.com with the title JuryRig and a link to their item's Thingiverse page.

Please visit our website at www.OSPritntingllc.com and show us some support on our current Indiegogo campaign. . Check out the Thingiverse page [www.thingiverse.com].

Robert Burnham
Open Source Printing LLC
open | download - JuryRig September.pdf (204.2 KB)
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