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Yoda - Lite/15-29th September

Posted by rhysjones 
Re: Yoda - Lite/15-29th September
October 03, 2012 07:11AM
@OoiTY - Congratulations on your well deserved win.
As well as the prize generously provided by Rhys, you also get the dubious honour of choosing, arranging and judging the next competition.
When you are ready, can I suggest you start a new thread in the Competitions topic explaining what is to be printed and how it will be judged (along with any other rules you wish to apply) and then also post a message back here to let us know that the new comp is ready.

Re: Yoda - Lite/15-29th September
October 03, 2012 05:08PM
Alzibiff - Z wobble is a bit of a pet hate of mine, but you can normally tell because the shadows/colour aren't quite consistent - I know I'm a bit picky! Although some colours are alot more forgiving than others. As I say, aramaniac and Iceman's prints looked superb, but just the consistency of OoiTY's prints knocked it over the edge but it was a tough call

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Re: Yoda - Lite/15-29th September
October 07, 2012 06:12PM
rhysjones Wrote:
> Alzibiff - Z wobble is a bit of a pet hate

You mean "pet peeve"?

Anyways, we need a new contest up. I've been out of town for the past few weeks and so didn't get a chance to participate in this one. I'm ready for a new challenge!

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Re: Yoda - Lite/15-29th September
October 09, 2012 08:58PM
Yes Definitely, I am ready for a new challenge smiling smiley
Re: Yoda - Lite/15-29th September
October 18, 2012 08:34AM
All right, someone should step in and create another 2 weeks contest - my calibration thing is not comparable to a "short term" contest.

If someone want to organize this but have no idea (yeah I know quite unlikely) you could try [www.thingiverse.com] or a reworked version of it.

Most of my technical comments should be correct, but is THIS one ?
Anyway, as a rule of thumb, always double check what people write.
Re: Yoda - Lite/15-29th September
October 18, 2012 01:27PM
I wonder if the tower would be easier to print on FFF if it was upside down? - with a little base to make it stick - or cut it in half, then print each bit upside down?

Or maybe a seasonal challenge? (Halloween) - Like the look of This one, but it's not a challenging print.

But if it was my challenge tongue sticking out smiley - I would opt for this by prettysmallthings

Image by prettysmallthings - thingiverse

It's not that I want a Man-Bag grinning smiley but I have always wanted to get really good looking printed 'chain-mail' and this printed 'fabric' looks awesome.

Maybe if it's actually easier to print than I expect, the challenge could be to make something 'new' with this printed 'fabric' ?? Any takers?

Re: Yoda - Lite/15-29th September
October 18, 2012 03:09PM
@richrap - I loved the fabric idea so much I've already had a go at the test piece and it came out surprisingly well. I'm definitely up for the challenge of printing some larger pieces and the idea of doing something creative with them is brilliant.
Gets my vote, anyway.

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