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♬ LulzBot Music Maker Contest ♬ Design an Instrument ♩ 1st Prize ♩ $2195 Taz 3 Printer ♫ March 25 Deadline ♫

Posted by bld3r_cat 
Music makers! Visit the Reddit contest page for the full details.

(1) Design a musical instrument design (that actually plays music) to www.bld3r.com.
(2) Submit the object's STL download link from bld3r to the reddit.com/r/3Dprinting contest page.
(3) 1st place wins a $2195 LulzBot Taz 3 printer!

This contest will end March 25th, 10:00AM, PST ( GMT-8:00 ). The winner will be announced shortly thereafter, no later than March 27th, 10:00 AM, PST ( GMT-8:00 ), barring extraneous circumstances.

The assembly can be hand-assembled from printed parts, assembled-in-place on the printer, or both.

You may create your own model, or modify an existing one, this contest is judged on design quality, aesthetic appeal, printability, and functionality.

Any submission of printed instruments may be post processed, dyed, painted, filled and sanded, powder coated, whatever. But if you do this, you must have before pictures for any printed parts.

All submissions must include your instrument in STL format, a render in JPEG format, a txt/doc file with a short description of your object. Bonus round: send images or video of the 3D printed musical instrument. (Videos to get a better look are encouraged.) Please help spread the word about this sub-reddit and the sponsor by mentioning "/r/3dprinting" and "LulzBot" in the picture/video description.

LulzBot is an open source 3D printer company with really nice people that are sponsoring the contest.

Bld3r is an object repository and aggregator that is now open source. We're really honored that Lulzbot integrated us into the contest!

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Can any strings/head/etc be added after printing? Size limit?


Yes, it should be ok according to the moderator's response to a similar question r/3Dprinting:

dmitrixPrintrbot Simple 1 day ago
Does the sound have to be produced from the printed pieces themselves? Or can other hardware be used? Such as guitar string or electronics

ubermeistersMendelMax 2.0 1 day ago
I think either would be fine
Two weeks left!
Check out this rad trombone entry: [www.bld3r.com]

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