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WIN a 3D Printer by Uploading a How to Video

Posted by iHive3D 
WIN a 3D Printer by Uploading a How to Video
April 22, 2014 05:39PM
iHive3d Encourages 3D Printing Masters to Teach 3D Newbies With an Online Video Contest

Vancouver, BC – April 22, 2014 – In preparation for the launch of the world’s first online learning website dedicated to 3D printing, iHive3D.com is pleased to announce an engaging video contest for 3D enthusiasts around the world. In the iHive3D Video Contest, 3D printing pros will be given the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of all things 3D.

Grand Prize: The Infinity3D

3D Printer
The Infinity 3D by Revolution Printers
From now until June 30th, 2014 3D devotees can produce and upload a 3-10 minute video that teaches those new to the 3D experience about 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, 3D Design Software, or 3D Processes.

Once all video submissions are reviewed, iHive3D’s panel of judges will pick the semi finalists, and then the 3D printing community will be asked to vote for best video. The winner will receive an Infinity3D printer from Vancouver Island based, Revolution Printers – a prize package valued at $1875!

“We are excited about the video contest because it encourages and rewards those who have been immersed in 3D printing to help share their knowledge with those who are new to the 3D world and find themselves overwhelmed” comments Jennifer Taylor, Director of Communications for iHive3D.

For the full list of contest rules and how to enter, visit the official contest website at [contest.ihive3d.com]

About iHive3D

iHive3D.com, scheduled to go live in July 2014, is an online learning and design portal with the intent to demystify the exciting, but somewhat intimidating, world of 3D printing. iHive3D supports students and consumers interested in learning 3D printing so they can enjoy embarking on their own 3D projects.

In iHive3D’s user-generated video learning library, newcomers to 3D printing will, at their own pace, learn; how to design, what is required to print a model if they own a printer, how to connect with other designers who offer printing services, how to troubleshoot design, printing and scanning problems, how to use a 3D scanner, plus much more.

Another core component of the site is a user-generated 3D design repository for designers to share and monetize their designs. What sets iHive3D’s design repository apart from others in the market, is a user’s ability to modify a design, re-upload, and for both the new designer and the original designer to earn income from the sales of their designs. iHive3D encourages sharing and collaboration to continually improve on designs by rewarding all those involved in the process monetarily.

In addition the learning and design libraries, iHive3D will offer a design challenge area for more experienced users, forums and a Student Hive for global classrooms to work and interact with each other.


To learn more about the video contest or iHive3D, please contact

Jennifer Taylor – Buzz Maker
Office: (250) 276-4333
Cell: (250) 809-5210
jennifer@ihive3d.com[email protected]

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