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Posted by Emmanuel 
Re: FoldaRap
August 26, 2012 07:50AM
Erf I was writing another post the other day and firefox crashed...

I was saying that this time I've more precise numbers smiling smiley

Idle : 4-6W
Heating-up : 70-80W

Average working : 40-50W
Peak working : 90-106W

That very interesting as it made me think of three different option we could try then :

1) power saving : keep everything as is, or even use not often or not at all the heated bed (with blue tape). I suppose a sub-50W reprap will interest you l51r8 ^^

2) performances : replace the hot-end resistor to take advantage of the unused power, by example a 3ohm instead of the 6,8ohm (~20w to ~50w) for faster heat-up or to reach higher temp (for ABS and fancy polymers). (taking example of the reprappro hotend, that use a 6,8 for the huxley and a 2,7 for the mendel)

3) cost efficiency : I could probably find a cheaper psu in the needed range, I will stick with the 240W for the moment as I'd be curious to try several things, but I will think about it for the future v2 (same spirit of off-the-shelve components and printed parts, but mostly a different frame architecture and foldable mecanism) smiling smiley

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Re: FoldaRap
August 31, 2012 09:53AM
This is great information, thank you! Very nice to see such a low working average smiling smiley

I was definitely going to try using the blue tape, and skipping the heated bed when longer off-grid prints are needed. Also, I am going to try feeding it direct 12V DC, should save some more energy not using the AC inverter. I'm thinking I should be able to get 6+ hours printing time out of it...much longer than usually needed!
Re: FoldaRap
January 28, 2013 12:16PM
Tried a print on blue tape for a first time yesterday (for non-heated bed), better than I thought smiling smiley

DSCF3801 by watsdesign, on Flickr

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