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x-carriage v3

Posted by Emmanuel 
x-carriage v3
August 20, 2012 02:34PM
I just had this idea 5 min ago : zip-tie belt clamp for the x-carriage :

Why ? Because it's maybe the huxley part which I had the least modified (the three bearing version of Weldingrod1 with just an extended side to bump on the endstop).
But here was the problem : the profile that grip the belt is not good for every belts : /
For the thick belts like on my first Huxley or the ones I bought on paoparts it's perfect (~2mm), but sometimes it's too tight, or at the contrary it don't retain the belt, like the thin one I just received today from reprapworld (~1mm).
I was starting to think that it must exist a better solution than to make an .STL for every belt that people may use one day when building their machine themselves.

Now we could just use any belt (and yeah I like to use zip-ties to manage the belts).
And no fear of cracking with the tension, there is a bolt inside maintained by the alu plate and the carriage).
Also, we have plenty of room from each sides of the x-carriage before it touch the x-ends, allowing to make that sort of loop locked by zip-ties.

I was a little frustrated by this carriage since I had to ream the profile to put a belt in it some weeks ago, but I'm happy of this little "eureka" solution, damn why I didn't thought of it before ^^'

[edit] : looking back at it, probably inspired by my x-carriage-struder, I started to use the Mendel again to print the y-carriages, and without the double pulley mod the belt is supposed to be held exactly like that smiling smiley
(or we could use a double pulley mod on it too... haha ! No, forget me. Not useful, later...)

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