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plain aluminium smooth-rod

Posted by Emmanuel 
plain aluminium smooth-rod
November 02, 2012 02:06PM
Today I made an interesting find smiling smiley

It start from few things :

1) I replaced the LM6UU by Igus's RJMP-01-06 to reduce the noise of the machine
2) On my actual FoldaRap #000 I'm using smooth-rods salvaged from scanners/printers, very good quality

3) But Igus is selling aluminium tube as an economical solution for these type of bushing

-> Aluminium tube or plain rod at the local store are quite cheap !
Let's try that... even if they are far from the tolerance of the ones from Igus (H7).

So I went to the store, with my caliper, and I found that on the 5 rods, 4 were good enough (straight and 5.98-6.02mm) or at least near the good quality rods I have.

We will try them on the FoldaRap #001 and report back then smiling smiley

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Re: plain aluminium smooth-rod
November 24, 2012 08:49AM
Hi Emmanuel!
I have two questions:
1-how much do the "RJMP-01-06" cost? I can't find a price for them anywhere.
2-why are you using 6mm rod? I would worry that 6mm steel rod would flex a lot. Aluminum would be even worse.

I'm interested in hearing how this works out. I love the foldarap, and I've been thinking of making one!
Re: plain aluminium smooth-rod
November 26, 2012 01:09PM
Hi smiling smiley

You're right the price is not listed anymore, when I ordered the RJMP-01-06 costed 3€ per unit, 1,35€ per 10, and a little less than 1€ per 200 (http://www.igus.fr/wpck/default.aspx?Pagename=DryLin__R__RJMP&C=FR&L=fr)

Why the 6mm rod ? Because I'm based on the Huxley sized machine which use 6mm rods smiling smiley
They can flex a little, but at our small length (300mm) it's not a problem, and I bet aluminium could work too (we haven't had time to try them yet).

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Re: plain aluminium smooth-rod
December 13, 2012 12:50PM
Tested on the FoldaRap 012 : the aluminium rods are as good as the steel ones grinning smiley

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