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FoldaRap #027

Posted by Emmanuel 
FoldaRap #027
February 22, 2013 09:48AM

Is now operationnal, yay ^^

The first print was perfect, and this machine was also an occasion to try some new things :

-aluminium rods (already tried)
-nema14 direct drive (already proven)
-passive cooling on the printed part

but what is especially important (for sourcing the parts if I want to make more FoldaRap ) :
-brass insert instead of the machined part from mendel-parts
-603 zz bearing for the idler instead of the rubber roller
-common 0,40€ spring from radiospare (need to check what was the exact number)
-passive cooling on the extruder motor (3 heatsink instead of one fan)

grinning smiley

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