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Foldarap With Existing Parts

Posted by Yelsew007 
Foldarap With Existing Parts
January 25, 2014 10:13AM
I would love to build a foldarap, but was wondering if I could cannabalize the expensive components from my printrbot jr for use with the foldarap. Could I use the printrboard, ubis hot end, and nema 17 motors without too much modification? I am willing to modify the hot end mount to fit the Ubis. Also what belts profile is used and what type of extruder? I would be extremely thankful for any help I could recieve.
Re: Foldarap With Existing Parts
February 01, 2014 03:15AM
The major problem you'll find will be to adapt the whole structure in order to fit the NEMA 17 size motors: it's designed to use NEMA 14, so many parts must be changed, depending on the version you want to build.

All the other parts are easy to adapt: belts can be up to 6mm (either T5, T2.5, GT2, or whatever, depending on your pulleys), hotend mount require only a different RP part (see the J-Head mount by wooz), and Printrboard electronics is small enough to fit inside the base frame.
Re: Foldarap With Existing Parts
February 01, 2014 09:33AM
Thanks a lot for the reply. Now that I know that I can use my printrboard and Ubis, I have one last question beore diciding to build a foldarap (self-sourced). Without electronics or hotend cost, about what range of cost am I looking at for this build? I already have all necessary tools and another printer to print the parts. All components would need to be sourced online, there are not many good hardware stores near me. I am currently in the US.
Re: Foldarap With Existing Parts
February 03, 2014 11:03AM
Bill Of Material (BOM)

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