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stepper noise and heat

Posted by laurent_P 
stepper noise and heat
March 19, 2014 03:27PM
hello everyone !
Finaly I printed my first piece just 15min ago !

but I stopped the print because the extruder stepper began to get very hot and start to whistle (in fact all stepper whistle but particularly the extruder one)

I'm with Repetier-host v0,90c instead of pronterface

And I try to lower the voltage on the stepper, he stop to whistle but continue to heat and skip time to time.
I don't have a voltmeter at home to calibrate the stepper voltage, but this weekend i'll be in the fablab, so i'll have one.
If you have any comment that will be great !

to be continue !
Re: stepper noise and heat
March 24, 2014 04:08PM

the feeding rate was set too hight, so I manage to clear the problem by returning to the default settings and adjusting it.

Now I feel silly
Re: stepper noise and heat
March 24, 2014 08:42PM
Congrats ^^
Re: stepper noise and heat
April 04, 2014 04:10AM
I believe I am in the same situation as you, my X-axis and Y-axis stepper are whistleling, getting very hot and sometimes they refuse to go in the direction I click (I use Pronterface).
I think I found where to change this feeding rate you are talking but what is the correct value (for now I have 3000 for X and Y, 225 for Z and 100 for E) ?
Re: stepper noise and heat
April 05, 2014 08:18AM
I found the information on the user manual page (quite obviously ^^')

Build surface to 140x140mm
XY mm/min : 9000
Z mm/min : 115
Heater temp : 195°C
Bed temp : 55°C

I am a bit surprised though because my stepper where getting warm at a lower feedrate, I will soon try these new data and give somme feedback
Re: stepper noise and heat
April 06, 2014 08:43AM
All my whistling stopped after I adjust the volage, except for the extruder stepper.

As I didn't know where to check for the 4v on the board, I folowed theses instructions :
Re: stepper noise and heat
April 09, 2014 12:31AM
Thanks for the instructions, it seems to work as they don't heat anymore smiling smiley
Re: stepper noise and heat
April 09, 2014 10:45AM
Nice ! glad I helped !

I had some clogging issue on the nozzle (After 3 to 5 print with the brand knew nozzle) and skipping stepper.
but I think now the stepper are good.
Re: stepper noise and heat
April 09, 2014 01:52PM
I managed to make my first print attempt this afternoon and I had a similar clogging nozzle problem after the second layer, I am afraid I have to dismount the entire nozzle to find where the problem is...
How did you manage the de-clogging ?
Re: stepper noise and heat
April 10, 2014 06:05AM
I unscrew the nozzle and heated it with a hot air gun.
It may not be the better thing to do because the PLA melt and sometime burn leaving black stain.
Also if you heat the nozzle too much it may deform it.
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