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E3D J-Head mount

Posted by majic79 
E3D J-Head mount
April 09, 2014 06:50AM
I tried the wooz J-Head mount for my foldarap - there's a space constraint that prevents it from working with the E3D all metal hotend, so I did my own - this makes provision for an M5 Nut to be used to retain the standard pneumatic fittings that foldarap uses, however it would be trivial to remove the top and use the larger tube that E3D supplies with their hotend (ask and ye shall receive - bear in mind that you'll need to adapt the extruder as the E3D bowden tube will not fit the M5 pneumatic fitting)

Download from thingiverse:


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Re: E3D J-Head mount
April 09, 2014 11:50AM
Interesting !
Do you have any photo of this, mounted on the foldarap ?

Does it still fit inside the foldarap body when fold?
Re: E3D J-Head mount
April 09, 2014 05:44PM

I calibrated and used it for the first time today - I'm not sure if it will fold up inside the body or not to be honest - the hot end doesn't sit any lower than the huxley/reprappro hotend, so it should still fold and clear the main bar at the top
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