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Best results for printing PLA

Posted by JeromePS 
Best results for printing PLA
April 12, 2014 12:08PM

The best results I have had for printing PLA were under the following conditions:
Bed: cold glass plate (2mm 150x150 @ 0,54€), using UHU Stick glue to ensure first layer adherence (using brim in Cura)
Cold end: last iteration, screwed VERY tightly (the springs are nearly 100% compressed)
Hot end: standard Huxley 0,35mm hot end (1,75 mm PLA), but isolated (using some plumber flame protection and kapton tape), this made a HUGE difference as it allows for a lower temperature setting while enabling faster prints!
Cooler: standard fan mount.

Things to still work on:
- Perfect spool holder with minimal resistance
- Better cooling system, I am thinking of adapting an annular cooling system.

By the way: Emmanuel, do you know this part : [www.thingiverse.com]
I think it could be good to use to compare different designs (or even assemblies of the same design).

That's it for now,
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