Z axis problem printing
May 06, 2014 12:04PM
Hi again crew!

finally Foldarap 142 seems to be working but when it arrives to layer 20-25 de Z axis stops....

anyone with that kind of problem??

Z axis are working ok, i can move the hotend using manual controls in Repetier Host but when 142 is printing z movement stops after 20 layers...

Thanks as always!!
Re: Z axis problem printing
May 07, 2014 05:55AM
My first build attempt, I got the leadscrew nuts a little too tight and it would bind up after a small amount of printing (mechanical issue - friction heating was enough to cause the rod to elongate enough to bind up solid) also, I miscalculated the steps per unit move, so it only went down half way, but once I recalculated it correctly and seperated the nuts slightly, it all worked fine (i've now greased the threaded rod a little to improve things some more)
Re: Z axis problem printing
May 09, 2014 12:10PM
Hi nachetz,

I not sure to understand your problem. But if its what I think here is my solution :

I build my foldarap as shown here : but without the screw blocking the hinges (unlike there)

So when I added the top frame, the 2 Z extruded bars where not parallel.

What I suggest you to do, his to untighten the srew of the top frame and the screws of the Z sliders (connecting Z sliders to the X axis extruded bar) and move the extruder on the Z axis. It wont stop anymore.

Then you can tighten the screws

I hope this will help you winking smiley

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