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Mondrain. Latest Base Corners

Posted by conoral11 
Mondrain. Latest Base Corners
October 02, 2014 04:36PM

I've been looking at (and printed) the latest Mondrain base corners and I am a bit confused with the Z-axis threaded rod.

In earlier designs there are two bearings keeping the threaded rod in place, the upper bearing taking the load when pushing up, and the lower bearing taking the load when pulling down.

The new design has only one place for the bearing, and that is the lower part. What now takes the load of the bed in the new design?

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Re: Mondrain. Latest Base Corners
March 30, 2015 10:50AM
At this moment it was the pulley that was taking the load (on the printed part), it worked but needed a well adjusted tightening to turn smoothly while having no play in Z.

It was redesigned few weeks ago to use two bearings, but this time the assembly is simpler as the pulley is inserted in force between the two bearings.
(the downside is that the printed parts need to be designed for the pulley you use but it works really well and you can't go wrong in the tightening)

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