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[MONDRIAN] Y and X sliders assembly problems

Posted by xoan 
[MONDRIAN] Y and X sliders assembly problems
June 28, 2015 10:37PM

I'm currently planning to make an indie build of Mondrian, and I have some problems by testing the Y sliders

  1. Motor screw holes are 3.5mm depth, and RP part is 25mm, so M3x30 countersunk screw needs 5mm. I solved by using 4 M3 washers as spacer.
  2. Screws that holds the 603 bearings (5mm depth) cannot be screw at all because the separation between small protusions are 5.20mm and it bends and lock the extrusion.

Re: [MONDRIAN] Y and X sliders assembly problems
July 10, 2015 06:08AM
Hi Xoan !

Nice to know that you are going to build a Mondrian smiling smiley

1) depending on motors the screw hole is more or less deep, ours are just enough to hold the screw but 0.5mm maybe, using washer as spacers is a good idea
2) in fact the screws are used to adjust the play, like the four grubscrew for the other direction

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