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New release : FoldaRap 2.5

Posted by Emmanuel 
New release : FoldaRap 2.5
July 22, 2015 03:11AM
Here is now the latest stable version of our little FoldaRap smiling smiley

Here are the main following improvements :
* replacing the extruder nema14 by a nema17, having 3-4x time more torque
* slightly simpler assembly (same feet on front and rear side, adding a rear plate for the plug/switch, etc.)
* implementing several contributions from the community, like the nut-holder to adjust the bed (Damien) or the gantry stop (thanks to Xoan)
* anticipation of the future 3.0 (for which the Y axis will also glide on the extrusions)
* testing the new version of our hotend (using a 4mm tubing like on the Mondrian, going through the pneumatic fitting and inside of the barrel, inspired by the E3DKraken)
* and most importantly… a completely remade documentation [reprap.org] !

And a lot of little things that were added progressively but which now are the new stable version of the FoldaRap, all the files are on the usual : [github.com]

(the kits we make are also moving to 2.5 [openedge.cc])

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Re: New release : FoldaRap 2.5
July 22, 2015 03:13AM
(note : the "2.2" was an interemediate version, using the printed parts of the 2.1 with the nema17 extruder and few little things, as the printed part could accomodate both nema 14 and 17)
Re: New release : FoldaRap 2.5
July 22, 2015 07:05PM
Great job on the documentation. I'm curious what method you're thinking of for the y-axis sliding on the extrusions for v3.
Re: New release : FoldaRap 2.5
July 23, 2015 03:34PM
Great progression on this project. Is there a chart or details somewhere about what part(s) are changing and new from release to release?

Thank you.
Re: New release : FoldaRap 2.5
July 24, 2015 05:54AM
Thanks smiling smiley

@FA-MAS For the Y-axis, in fact it have been tried a while ago : [forums.reprap.org]

@BJacoby I've tried to follow that here [reprap.org] but we have yet to add the vitamin's difference for the latest
Re: New release : FoldaRap 2.5
July 26, 2015 02:19PM
Thanks Emmanuel. Can probably decipher the vitamins, I was more curious about the printed pieces.
Re: New release : FoldaRap 2.5
August 20, 2015 05:51AM
Oh ok, for the difference in printed parts you can keep the 2 front feet maybe, and will need to re-print everything else (mostly the XZ gantry).

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