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Bill of Materials - Questions about Parts and Sources in Germany

Posted by reibuehl 
Bill of Materials - Questions about Parts and Sources in Germany
October 02, 2015 03:54AM
Hi all,

I am preparing to build a FoldaRap for myself and while following the advice in the Buyers Guide of sourcing locally, got stuck with a few parts:

- The M3x6 grubscrews listed, are these ISO 4029, ISO 4027 or ISO 4026? There seems to be a number of versions that mainly differ in size and angle of the tip.
- The NEMA14 motors - do I need the SOYO SY35ST36-1004A or can I use alternatives? If so, what specifications do I need to look for?
- Are all the laser cut parts made from 4mm aluminium? Are there any sources for only the laser cut parts? The listed sources seem to be out of stock.

I will be printing mainly FlexPLA and NinjaFlex and will need an extruder that works really well with such flexible filaments. The extruder and hotend combination described in the bill of materials uses a bowden. Will this be an issue? I have currently access to an Ultimaker 2 with bowden extruder where hotend and feeder are on oposit ends of the bowden and that doesn't work well with flexible filament. I would need something where the feeder is directly on the hotend. Any recommendations?

I am also looking for good sources for the mechanical and electric parts in Germany. Unfortunately RS Components only ships to commercial customers in Germany. Has somebody in Germany already built a FoldaRap 2.5 and would be willing to share where they got the parts from?

Best regards,
Re: Bill of Materials - Questions about Parts and Sources in Germany
November 23, 2015 04:59AM
-grubscrew, the tip dont really matter as long as it is in contact with the motor's shaft
-any 14N.m motors should be good, this was just a reference
-the lasercut parts are mostly made in acrylic not necessarily aluminium

-for flexible filament the bowden will not work thought : /
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