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using Prusa i3-MK2 improvements

Posted by bawb_b 
using Prusa i3-MK2 improvements
June 03, 2016 11:06AM
Just saw Josef Prusa's video on his new i3-MK2. Two big improvements that I see are the new print bed and the integrated Z lead screws (scrapping couplings altogether).


I'm thinking that if the i3-MK2 improvements were merged with the Foldarap, you could change print height/volume by replacing the Z extrusions and Z screws (search Thomson Taper-Lock for a video of replaceable lead screws on their stepper motors.

with the Foldarap frame and the Prusa i3-MK2 merged, I think we may have portable 3D printing gold...

I'm just "spit-balling" here, and see what sticks... ;-)

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Re: using Prusa i3-MK2 improvements
July 01, 2016 11:53AM
I think I see what you mean, those kind of motor exist in M5 thread size, I've some to make a prototype with.
But it's a matter of cost in the end.
If we say that DIY printers now can't align with the price of mass produced cheap ones (e.g. a Finder), the decision could be to use better components.
Like with custom made computer nowadays smiling smiley

(In that case that could be implemented in the FoldaRap 3 ^^)

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