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Posted by Mister923 
July 01, 2012 11:21PM
Hi There,
I am currently building a RepRap Prusa and I would love to connect with any others interested in the area who are into 3d printing or just want to check this awesome technology out. If there are other's in the area who either have a reprap or are/planning on building a reprap, I would love to here from you, so just post in the user's group. If we have enough interest, we should definitely consider having a meetup at the local makerspace.

It would be great to here from you,
Mister923/ Matt
Re: Intro
July 07, 2012 10:28PM
I'm not sure if Midcoast Maine counts as "in the area" but I figure once you get north of Boston any given user region must be expanded somewhat to find enough likemindssmiling smiley Anyway. I live near Brunswick, which in just a few more months will be a mere train ride, and a couple emails on a slow Amtrak wifi away from seacoast NH! I've been working on a few open source hardware projects on my own which you can find on a wiki group called www.humblehackers.wikispaces.com. As you might have guessed by now my primary interest is in OpenTransit Data through my main website called carfreemaine.org. However, ever since I started learning about open source hardware techniques and discovered its indeed possible for somebody with zero inclination towards engineering like me to build things like android/arduino-powered E-Bikes, I've wanted to build a 3D Printer!
Now that my wife is getting involved in the indie crafts scene I decided that my next project will be to finally build a printer. My hope is to use it as a means of drawing the interest of other hackers in the area to set up regular meetups and a local hackerspace in the midcoast.
Meanwhile I have been in discussions with the organizer of the SoPo Hackerspace in South Portland about building a RepRap together. The way I see it, there have always been maker/hackers in NH and MAINE, they just haven't gone digital yet! Once we combine the world of Arduino's, RepRaps, DIY Drones etc... with people like my next door neighbor (where I grew up in Freedom NH) who built a pick up truck entirely out of junk yard parts!
So let me know if you'd like to join in the fun!

My contacts-

PS- While searching for the SoPo Hackerspace URL I discovered an announcement for the first Maine Maker Faire! So I guess things are already happening!
Re: Intro
July 23, 2012 09:31PM
Hi There,
It's great to know that there are other people relatively local that are interested and wanting to get involved in the RepRap community. My goal would to eventually have a meetup with people who have RepRaps or are interested and start either printing parts for someone so they could build there own or at the local makerspace have a class for those want to build a RepRap for them. Then we would have a larger community of RepRappers to share information. At the time, my reprap is not functional because I have yet to receive my plastic parts, otherwise I have completely sourced my Prusa. I really have enjoyed reading your site about transit as at the time I'm to young to obtain a license. I am unsure if you are unaware about the Mini-Maker Faire in Maine but I feel it will be a great opportunity to meet makers and collaborate with others. I plan on attending either as a Fair-goer or as an exhibitor, which would be a great experience. The fair site is here if you are interested in going.

Mister923/ Matt
Re: Intro
August 02, 2012 03:11PM
Thank you for the reply! I am indeed going to the L-A Maker Faire! They have not as yet posted the presenters and exhibitors but I did apply through CarFree Maine to present some of the more hardware-oriented projects we've got going on www.humblehackers.wikispaces.com. It also appears that we will be putting together a "Code for America Brigade" chapter in Portland. A great intro to CfA can be found here is relatively new, but it is a national organization of "Civic Hackers" AKA developers who use their skills to improve Civic Infrastructure, Communications, Safety etc... The CfA Brigade is more oriented towards advocating Open Government, Open Data and Open Source in local cities. Things will be interesting at least... Send me a PM if you're interested and I'll add your name to the invite list. You can also contact me through the facebook.com/carfreemaine page if you'd like.
I guess I'm gonna just have to save up some money and order a set of printed parts since it doesn't look like anybody local has one... Oh well, we gotta start somewhere! It sounds like you're a little further along then me though so let me know if you get it finished. I'm somewhat handy with Arduino Microcontrollers so if you need a hand with the electronics components let me know.

Thanks for posting!

-Andrew Jawitz
CarFree Maine
Re: Intro
August 21, 2012 09:20PM
Cool, my RepRap should be done in a week or so. I thought I would let you know.

Matt/ Mister923
Re: Intro
March 08, 2013 03:22PM
I'm a little late to the conversation, but I'm in seacoast NH. I don't have a printer as of yet, but have been doing what I can for research to get one some day.

Reprap Printer Build
March 20, 2013 11:32AM
Hi Mike,

I'm in Somersworth, NH.

I got into Reprap about a little over a year ago. Built a machine and had it running but had trouble with my hot-end and between that and software settings, I got burned out and put it away for a while.

Well... I saw the new style Rostock and Delta style printers and got fired up again. I've ordered all of the materials to build a Rostock style machine. ALL of the materials! :-) Parts are coming in every day.

I'm 53 and a mechanical designer by trade and have access to a high end ABS printer at work. I'm currently designing my own ABS components that I will print and use for assembly of this printer. This time I'm holding nothing back. 1010 8020 extrusions, carbon-fiber rods, GT2 timing belts, belt driven extruder, bearing trollies, very very light weight hot-end carrier... Probably about $600 in material costs. When done I'm expecting it to be a show piece! :-)

I hope to have most of my parts by weekend next (April 30th). If you have interest in this adventure you are welcome to join me as I put it together and get the software up and running.Two heads are always better!

Get in touch if you're interested.



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