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Urgent call: SF Techshop visit accompany request

Posted by Replace 
Urgent call: SF Techshop visit accompany request
March 08, 2012 12:41PM
Hi all,

This week I stay in SF, for business and 2days leisure.
I had asked TechShop to facilitate a private session for me to discuss in and out on 3d extrusion printing. A free format session about software, plastics, printer and design aspects and maybe some demo on the Makerbot.

This for me to get on speed, as I will start building my Orca v4 from next week onward.

Unfortunately, this morning TechShop told me that no one of their staff was available or willing to host me and my questions. i thought it was an ideal opportunaty for them to spread the word and get good PR in The Netherlands (where I come from) . .... Bummer !

So as a final longshot: are any members of TechShop willing to bring me as a guest and discuss 3d printing with me today afternoon or tomorrow ?
Of cource I will pay for all entrance fee's and other costs of that session.
Or, Maybe leave a message at America Best Inn (2850 van ness)

Regards, Thomas.
i will check for responses her a few times today, as I will not really force transatlantic costs to my Dutch cellphone upon you.

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Re: Urgent call: SF Techshop visit accompany request
March 09, 2012 10:51AM
Ok guys,
I must call this one off for now.

No more time for me to have this opportunaty. Must make arrangements to fly out tomorrow.

Thanks for lurking on this message.

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