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Hello, World; Sourcing questions; Printed parts request

Posted by Ademan 
Hello, World; Sourcing questions; Printed parts request
July 27, 2012 02:03PM
Hi Everyone,
My name is Dan, and I've been following the Rep Rap project with increasing interest since back in the Darwin days. The price has finally come down enough and I finally make enough that I want to build my own Prusa Mendel (Iteration 2). I've finally begun researching my build in earnest. I've been asking dumb questions in #reprap for a week or so now.

I've already selected my electronics (Gen 7 + Step Sticks) because of Traumflug's helpfulness and a desire to use replicable parts as much as possible.

At this point I believe I have decided to get a J-Head hot end and use a modified Greg's Accessible Wade's extruder ( [www.thingiverse.com] ) , however that is not yet certain.

Where did you guys source your metric parts from? I struck out at Home Depot and OSH and I'm not hopeful. Someone on IRC directed me to [www.fastenal.com] which has a Concord store right next to me! That's probably what I'll end up using, but I'm open to suggestions.

Secondly, I would like to buy printed Prusa Mendel Iteration 2 parts + Extruder parts from someone local. The closer, the better. For reference I'm located in Pleasant Hill.

Finally, does anyone have recommendations for selecting NEMA-17 motors? Or even a local supplier? (I'd love to avoid shipping) I'm aware of a wiki page which I will be rereading, however I'm more interested in "I have $X, it works {great,well enough,poorly}".

Thanks Everyone, I'm happy to be joining the community!

EDIT: Linked to Extruder printed part.

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You can try Alltronics in Morgan Hill for steppers.

Kysan also has an office in Mountain View. They have a $100 order minimum. I called them and they made an exception for me.

Fasteners, I went McMaster Carr. For 1's and twosies, go to Lowes or Ace Hardwares in the area. Look for the sliding cardboard drawers, they won't be in the bins.
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