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y carriage bearing mounts misaligned?

Posted by acc 
y carriage bearing mounts misaligned?
August 20, 2012 02:05AM

I was wondering why is there a misalignment between y-carriage bearing mounts and frame base y bar clamps. Attached SVG's I just took from github of sturdy and marked X positions of bearing mounts and y bar clamps. I added x positions to display for left-most drill point of left and right bearing mount and bar clamp to check the distance between them (which equals the distance between smooth rods).

For y_carriage we have x1=6.5, x2=180.5 so width is 174mm.
For frame_base we have x1=135.5, x2=302.5 so width=167mm

There is a 7mm difference. I assume it works becase both bearing mounts and bar clamps have some space for adjustment (screw holes have a few extra mm), but these 7mm decreases the adjustments, right?

Is it a bug or a feature? :-)
open | download - y_carriage.svg (7.9 KB)
open | download - frame_base.svg (8.2 KB)
Re: y carriage bearing mounts misaligned?
August 20, 2012 02:52AM
I think the difference is simply because the bearing mounts are symmetrical but the bar clamps are not. With all the screws in the middle point of their slots everything should line up perfectly. There is only +/-1mm adjustment in the slots so you could never make up 7mm.

Re: y carriage bearing mounts misaligned?
August 20, 2012 03:07AM
Ha! Got it. Looked again on the model and now I see that bar clamps mounting differ for left and right rods. I mounted mine all the same way with tightening screw to the right of the clamp. In the model I see now that screws for the right smooth rod are placed to the left - in the y-motor direction. Plus asymmetry - that explains everything and changes the width between smooth rods smiling smiley

Maybe in the future you could consider making bar-clamps symmetric?
Re: y carriage bearing mounts misaligned?
August 20, 2012 04:00AM
It would make the parts bigger and less rigid.

I will add assembly diagrams to the instructions to make it clearer.

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