One way to get M3 nuts into Y & Z clamp traps
August 25, 2012 04:47PM
Get M3 trapped nuts in the y & z bar clamps, one way I found:

Need: small bar magnet, I used 22 x 8 x5mm, had in workshop for ages.
Longer magnet or use 2 end to end for the z clamps

Align (to the trap) m3 nut, on end of magnet. Push into bar clamp so nut aligns wiht the hole.
From other end bar clamp, if needed use small hex key or simple wire to straighten m3 nut, so holes in the right place.
keep magnet pressing m3 nut in place
gently screw m3 bolt into the nut. Take the magnet out.

I found the nuts went easy into the traps.

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