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Pronterface Z axis override

Posted by RyanMark 
Pronterface Z axis override
May 08, 2013 01:20PM
In Pronterface is there any way to override the software minimum z stop? The reason I ask is when I level the bed with the dial indicator I need to move the extruder carriage farther down than when the extruder is on the carriage.

I realize I could change the Z_HOME_POS in marlin but it would be nice to do this in Pronterface without uploading the firmware twice.

Re: Pronterface Z axis override
May 08, 2013 01:32PM
You can use the G92 command to modify the current value for Z.

G-code overview: [reprap.org]

G92: Set Position
Example: G92 X10 E90
Allows programming of absolute zero point, by reseting the current position to the values specified. This would set the machine's X coordinate to 10, and the extrude coordinate to 90. No physical motion will occur.
A G92 without coordinates will reset all axes to zero.

So while you are close to the bed, you could set Z to 5 with a "G92 Z5", allowing you to move the nozzle closer to the bed.

Note: You can drive the extruder into the bed and crack the glass or unlevel the bed, so be careful.

Keep track of how far you have to go beyond your current "0" value and then use that to update your Home Position.

Re: Pronterface Z axis override
May 08, 2013 05:42PM
You can't drive the extruder into the bed with any more force than the weight of the X axis, so I doubt it can crack the glass.

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