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Smart Controller on Mendel90

Posted by Helmi 
Smart Controller on Mendel90
September 01, 2013 01:55AM
Hey all,

i'm just finishing my custom made Mendel90 using Rumba Electronics, 4mm Dibond, Lead Screws and other custom stuff. I've got a Smart Controller that i wanted to use but i seem to can't find a good place to mount it. Does anyone have it well integrated onto the Mendel90? I think i should have thought about that in the beginning and leave a hole in the upper section of dibond to mount it there but that's a bit too late now. smiling smiley

Re: Smart Controller on Mendel90
September 01, 2013 09:17PM
I'm also finishing my Mendel90 with rumba electronics.

It shouldn't be too hard to print an enclosure that sits nicely at the top right where isolt has his:

isolts Mendel90

Re: Smart Controller on Mendel90
September 02, 2013 12:47AM
Yeah but i think i'm not gonna mount it on the top - still trying around but currently i think the best place could be on the lower front of the printer. Still checking.

Re: Smart Controller on Mendel90
September 02, 2013 01:53AM
I was thinking of putting it on the lower right as well.
There were a few problems though - The SD card is inserted from the right and the Y motor gets in the way. You cant angle it much as the bed comes right to the front. Also it was too far away from the electronics for the cables to reach (apparently making them much longer can effect the SD card reliability.

Here's what I did

It's got some switches on the side to turn off the PSU, turn on the bed fan and maybe one day some LED"s.
It's not quite perfect it really should be further right so the extruder doesn't obscure the LCD when homed, I wanted the push knob as close to the gussets as possible to get some support. The left side really needs more rounding to stop the PTFE tube jumping over it all the time. Maybe it should have had a slight angle to be more visible from standing height?

Oh well maybe version 2.

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open | download - lcd mount.jpg (274.1 KB)
Re: Smart Controller on Mendel90
September 02, 2013 02:51AM
Hey isolt, your printer looks great. And good idea with the switches on the right.

I'm not going to change the SD-Card much. I don't print so much from SD overall and if then i mostly upload the gcode via serial and let the SD just in for space. Therefore i don't care so much about SD reliability. I have long cables that i just put through the tubes below the printer and that comes out nice - still gotta decide if i put it there on the front and what case i use for that.

I still have the extruder left to build - i'll finish that first, do a little bit of calibration prints and maybe then comes to my mind where to place the smart controller smiling smiley

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