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New X carriage fan bracket

Posted by nophead 
New X carriage fan bracket
September 05, 2013 06:53AM
A few people have commented that the fan duct hits the bed clips, even when the handles are removed. This is due to an incorrect model of the J-Head Mk5. The total length is modelled as 54mm but it is in fact only 51.2mm. How it got to be the wrong value and how I didn't notice it I don't know. I don't still have the prototype machine it was developed and tested on.

Correcting the model would make the boss on the bottom of the wades block longer but fortunately there is enough clearance to the belt to raise the fan duct simply by having longer slots in the bracket.

Here is a new bracket with deeper slots and also strengthening webs as a few people have broken them. This seems to make the fan duct sit more level but I don't understand why because it is the light end that tends to droop with the old bracket.


open | download - x_carriage_fan_bracket.png (10.2 KB)
Re: New X carriage fan bracket
September 06, 2013 05:36AM
Excellent. That has solved the issue nicely for me :-)

For me the old bracket drooped at the fan end.
Re: New X carriage fan bracket
September 06, 2013 06:20AM
Thanks Chris, that's a great improvement; I had already added the two inner webs to make the thing sit parallel to the bed but the deeper slots are key.

I printed it with 100% fill, and used PLA for a bit of possibly extra stiffness.

A quick test shows the casing clearing the clips easily now (with foldback handles removed).
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