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Pronterface SD card upload

Posted by GerdH 
Pronterface SD card upload
September 22, 2013 03:19PM

I just completed a wooden case for my M90. With the closed case it is difficult to access manually the SD card. So I tried to upload via USB interface to the card.

First I loaded the file from the PC ("Load File" button) and afterwards I clicked "SD Upload" and entered a target file name.
But this resulted only in an error message "Error: line number is not line number+1, last line number 0".

I'm running the Pronterface version supplied with the kit from Nophead on a Windows XP Netbook.

Does somebody know what I can do to achieve an upload to the SD card?

Cheers, Gerd
Re: Pronterface SD card upload
September 22, 2013 05:23PM
Works fine for me on XP, Win7 and Linux.

Try quitting Pronterface and resetting the Melzi, sometimes they get out of sync.

Re: Pronterface SD card upload
September 23, 2013 03:31AM
Interesting. I've seen OctoPrint appear with this error during a print - actually it had only gotten about half way round the skirt before proceeding to sit there for two hours, baking ABS at extrusion temperature...

OctoPrint has the feature of allowing gcode files to be uploaded directly to its queue before printing directly via USB. The SD card is not used at all AFAIK.
Sounds like more USB shenanigans...
Re: Pronterface SD card upload
September 23, 2013 12:10PM
I tested this now with my Win7 notebook and it works fine (but slow ...).
But I would like to use my old netbook for running Pronterface, to place my M90 in another room. I copied simply the Printrun... directory from the supplied SD card to my netbook. Seems this is not enough for a correct installation ...
Re: Pronterface SD card upload
September 23, 2013 02:40PM
You can also buy a sd card extension which would make it easier. An example of one is below, you can probably find a better one. I know the printrbot owners use this as their slot is hard to access.

Re: Pronterface SD card upload
September 23, 2013 04:53PM
Thanks for the info about the extension.

I will look for a cheap SD card reader and desolder the card holder. I can connect the SD card holder pins then via a ribbon cable to the Melzi microSD slot pins. A standard SD card slot has the advantage that I don't need the micro to standard SD card adapter anymore.

Regarding the SD card upload with Pronterface on my Netbook a tried some things but found no solution. So I will print via USB connection with "Load File" until I have SD card slot mounted.
Re: Pronterface SD card upload
December 30, 2013 04:59AM
Hello everyone.
I just finished building and calibrating my mendel90. I am quite happy with the build so far and it just looks a nice quality printer, Thanks Chris and Mary!
I am am posting here as I am having the exact same issue GerdH is describing. I followed to the letter the instructions on manual, which were flawless, and used the software provided. However I stumbled across a problem after loading the ANDROID.G in pronterface and selecting the SD upload, the following error shows up in the console:
Error:Line Number is not Last Line Number+1, Last Line:0 Resend:1
I`m using a laptop with win7 64-bit. I also reset melzi and started all over again many times but the same thing happens again.
Can someone who do not have this upload issue share the com port settings maybe the advanced ones as well so I will be able to confirm that I have these setting in order. The computer just installed this port by itself when connecting the printer through usb the first time.
Re: Pronterface SD card upload
December 30, 2013 06:48AM
A long-shot but worth trying: I know that Bluetooth causes problems with USB interfacing for Arduino on Windows. Maybe the same is happening here.

If your netbook has a hardware switch to disable Bluetooth then try turning it off. In Windows 7 I believe you can turn Bluetooth off from the Taskbar Icon also (it may be hidden).

Neil Darlow

I try to write with consideration for all nationalities. Please let me know if something is unclear.
Printing with Mendel90 from fedora 25 using Cura, FreeCAD, MeshLab, OpenSCAD, Skeinforge and Slic3r tools.
Re: Pronterface SD card upload
December 30, 2013 09:59AM
You don't need to do anything with the COM port settings because Pronterface should configure the port. I don't know why it would fail as it works fine for me on Win7 64 and XP 32.

Upload over USB is very slow on Windows. It is better to use the USB SD card adaptor provided.

Re: Pronterface SD card upload
December 31, 2013 09:11AM
Hi nophead, ok I copied the file directly form pc to sd and it is printing. Actually I stumbled across another problem while printing. at about half the printjob it starts to detach from bed resulting in a non flat surface. I tried wipe dry the glass with acetone before printing and improved a little bit ,i.e. it proceeded further into the print before it started to lift. What should the temperature on the surface of the bed glass be for pla? I am concerned about the low ambient temperature I am working at aprox 16deg celcius, and this may not be permitting temperature to rise enough at the surface.
Re: Pronterface SD card upload
December 31, 2013 10:34AM
With temperature set to 60deg for pla took a temperature reading on the surface of the glass using a probe and it is showing 48deg celc. Is that enough?
Re: Pronterface SD card upload
December 31, 2013 11:11AM
It is a bit low. I think it should be about 55C but it is very difficult to measure the top surface of glass without influencing it.

Make sure the cloth you use does not leave a residue with acetone. Some people report it dissolves something out of some cloths.

Re: Pronterface SD card upload
December 31, 2013 12:42PM
first I used microfiber but after reading some posts here, found that it is no good, so now I`m using plain kitchen roll. Should it be wiped when hot or it does not matter?
Re: Pronterface SD card upload
December 31, 2013 01:54PM
Dont know why but I retried to print it and came out perfect.
This time it really got stuck to the glass, I had to use a knife and was hard to lift it off !
guess that glass needs some thorough cleaning, and the more printouts done the better it gets.
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