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Dust filter sponge pulled into PTFE tube

Posted by neildarlow 
Dust filter sponge pulled into PTFE tube
November 05, 2013 07:53AM
Hi All,

I am well into the dozens of prints on my Mendel90 and I am extremely pleased with the results so far.

Today, feeling confident and having a bulk of prints to do, I plated up some objects (20 small ones) and started the print. For some reason the Gods decided that this was the time for the filament to catch hold of the dust filter sponge and carry it into the PTFE feed tube. An interrupted print, filament removal and PTFE tube clean-out later I am back in business. Although this time I have left the sponge out until I can determine why it happened and devise a method to stop it happening again.

Neil Darlow

I try to write with consideration for all nationalities. Please let me know if something is unclear.
Printing with Mendel90 from fedora 25 using Cura, FreeCAD, MeshLab, OpenSCAD, Skeinforge and Slic3r tools.
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