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Duff Stepper Motor?

Posted by andy_tratter 
Duff Stepper Motor?
November 23, 2013 01:58PM
Evening all,

I powered up my '90 for the first time today and found that everything worked fine apart from one of the Z Motors. One side would work fine the other wouldnt move at all. Checked all the wiring and it was correct, so disconnected both motors and just wired the non-moving one into the board. When I tried to move it in the Ponterface software the motor just lets out a high pitched beep. Its also locked solid - i cant turn the shaft by hand like the others.

Is there anything I can do or is the motor seized up and I need a new one?

Thanks, Andrew
Re: Duff Stepper Motor?
November 23, 2013 05:21PM
You can try loosening the screws and re-centering the end caps to see if you can free it. If the motor has been dropped they can get offset such the rotor touches the stator.

Re: Duff Stepper Motor?
November 26, 2013 04:39PM
Hi, I tried that but its still locked solid. I'll send you an email later to arrange purcahsing a replacement.
Re: Duff Stepper Motor?
November 29, 2013 03:14AM
Incidentally, how long can we expect the steppers to last?

It it prudent to have a spare on hand or will the printers be obsolete by the time it comes to need a replacement?
Re: Duff Stepper Motor?
November 29, 2013 04:52AM
I have never known one to fail. When a machine comes to the end of its life I recycle the motors in the next one.

I think the only thing that wears is the bearings and as they are ball bearings, and don't actually spin very fast, they last a very long time. You could actually replace them if needed as they are a standard size 5mm bearing.

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