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Where to buy a Melzi?

Posted by mmt 
Where to buy a Melzi?
February 16, 2014 05:07AM
I damaged my Melzi which worked fine for 18 months atmega644p.
Think I bricked an intended replacment 1284p. should have been a straight swap in.

The first 644 board had trim pots which were easy to set : turn anti cockwise till stop then 1/3rd clocwise. worked first time no problem.

the 1284p board tirm pots were rubbish kept turning , so no end stop point. leads to voltage testing pita with small solder tags , 3 hands needed erratic readings, etc. Also build quality felt not as good as first board.

2nd one likely bricked , need another board:
Option to future usea lcd display is a bonus, not esential.

But :
trim posts with proper stop point
pre loaded firmware
decent build quality.

think supplier of original board no longer in business.

So.. where to buy another Melzi from?



Re: Where to buy a Melzi?
February 16, 2014 06:28AM
Nophead has Melzis built for his Mendel90 kit. They are factory tested and motor currents are accurately preset. I would suggest sending him a PM and he will probably sell you one.

Neil Darlow

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