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3mm PLA supplier?

Posted by Razorconcepts 
3mm PLA supplier?
July 06, 2014 12:18AM
What 3mm PLA are you all using? I'm looking for a supplier in the USA with good quality filament, like the faberdashery sample included in the kit. I've tried another brand, but it doesn't stick to the glass bed at all. Looking to see if there's any other high quality options out there, thanks!
Re: 3mm PLA supplier?
July 06, 2014 08:09AM
I have found 4043D PLA a good match for the Faberdashery material. Of course, this is the raw material identifier which is processed into filament.

You will need to research availability of this product from your suppliers taking into account how it is packaged, the nominal filament diameter etc. and read reviews from other users to gauge how consistent they are as a supplier.

Neil Darlow

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Re: 3mm PLA supplier?
July 06, 2014 08:32AM
As well as the quality of the filament itself, it is also worth looking into the way it is packaged. Some time ago, I purchased 1Kg quantities of PLA wound onto a spool and found that unwinding it was not as straightforward as it should have been. Why? As well as being wound very tightly, it had been put onto the spool in such a way that it ended up like a coiled spring, a tangled coiled spring too! Wound whilst the filament was too warm perhaps?

This filament was relatively inexpensive but my experience has put me off from buying it from the same source again. Maybe a 2Kg spool would have been better, one with a larger internal diameter perhaps. PLA which I have purchased on larger spools was never as bad as the stuff I got on the ones designed to accommodate 1Kg.


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