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Mendel90 which software do you suggest

Posted by scubi 
Mendel90 which software do you suggest
March 19, 2015 04:50AM
Hi Guys
I am building a Mendel90 with MDF and using Sanguinololu 1.3a controller.

1. Is the Ramps controller better than the Sanguino ?
2. Which software would you suggest I download and use on the Sanguinololu Board 1.3a

Re: Mendel90 which software do you suggest
March 19, 2015 05:40AM

nophead's Mendel90 Kit supplies a Melzi controller. I believe this is basically a Sanguino with onboard Pololu drivers (and a few improvements implemented by nophead).

Marlin is a mainstream firmware and supports both sets of hardware you have specified. Either way you will need to find a suitable set of configuration values or generate your own.

RAMPS is quite capable and offers more code space on its Arduino but there is more to configure in the way of endstops because it supports both minimum and maximum endstops simultaneously.

Its really a choice of the simplicity but limited code space of the Sanguinololu vs. more flexibility and increased code space of RAMPS. I am not comparing cost here as it will be a one-off purchase.

If I were to make the decision, and not use a Melzi, I would probably go RAMPS.

Neil Darlow

EDIT: Left the lol out of Sanguinololu. Who thinks up these names?

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Re: Mendel90 which software do you suggest
March 19, 2015 06:53AM
RAMPS has provision for another extruder and more spare I/O but the downside is you need a crimping tool to put on the connectors and I find that type of connector unreliable. The Melzis we use have screw connectors, although not all do.

Other disadvantages of RAMPS are it will probably need a fan because the stepper heat sinking and MOSFETs are not up to spec and the polyfuse is not rated high enough.

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