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aluminum mendel90: conf question

Posted by MHypothetical 
aluminum mendel90: conf question
March 26, 2015 11:54AM
Hi there!

I've been 3D printing at the local makerspace for a few years, and I decided to take the leap and construct my own Mendel90. I am basing the configuration on the Dibond version, with a few changes reflecting materials at hand: 1/8" aluminum frame, GT2 pulleys/belts, slightly shorter Nema 17's.

At this point I think I have things mostly figured out. Added the aluminum material and shorter steppers to the vitamins scad files, and modified the _config.scad. I was hoping someone might take a look at my maluminum_config.scad file and let me know if anything seems wonky, before I start assembling the parts!

There are a few lines in the _config file that I don't understand...

Does the Z_screw_dia just refer to an M6-sized Z-screw? What is studding?

Z_screw_dia = 6;            // Studding for Z axis

also, what are the "feature sizes?"

// Feature sizes
default_wall = 3;
thick_wall = 4;


Mike H
my thingiverse:[www.thingiverse.com]
open | download - maluminum_config.scad (1.9 KB)
Re: aluminum mendel90: conf question
March 26, 2015 02:45PM
Yes the Z lead screws are M6. Studding is threaded rod, sometimes called all-thread.

The feature sizes are just wall thickness use for some parts.

Have you viewed the model in OpenScad to see if it looks reasonable?

Re: aluminum mendel90: conf question
March 27, 2015 10:19AM
Thanks for the reply Nophead!

I have now examined the scad render and everything seems to be in place. (Feel kind of foolish I hadn't done that immediately) So hopefully everything will work out!
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