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Mendel90 Tips on a new build

Posted by scubi 
Mendel90 Tips on a new build
March 30, 2015 01:25AM

I am starting to build the Mendel90 and have the MDF board cut and busy with the drilling of the holes.

Please can you give me some tips & ideas of the build. Any tips would be appreciated. Tips like how to ensure that the system is square. I have downloaded the Build manual and using it. I will be using a J Head as my hotend.

Thanks for awesome forum.
Re: Mendel90 Tips on a new build
March 30, 2015 05:20AM
The sturdy parts have slots for screws to allow a bit of adjustment. You can use a large set square as shown here: [reprap.org] and here: [reprap.org].

Note the build manual is for the Dibond version so all the fasteners are different and the wire length, etc. If you replace the list of parts at the start of each section with the sub assembly BOM .txt files from here: [github.com] it will make more sense. Also some aspects, like wire routing will be as the wiki, although that is very old.

Re: Mendel90 Tips on a new build
March 31, 2015 02:55PM
Hi Nophead, thank you for that advice.
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