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Mendel90 tries to print from top to bottom

Posted by Sahne 
Mendel90 tries to print from top to bottom
August 05, 2015 09:47AM
Hey everybody,

I'm a starter and i have a simple problem.

Everytime I start to print, my Mendel90 (with Sprinter FW) goes up to the endstop and starts then to print.

Im using the RepHost Software. Can someone help me?

Greets Sahne
Re: Mendel90 tries to print from top to bottom
August 05, 2015 11:16AM

I am only familiar with Marlin on the Mendel90 but I can offer the following suggestion as to what might be happening.

Your Z endstop is positioned at the top e.g. 203mm and Sprinter knows to move upwards when homing. It appears, to me, that Sprinter thinks the Z home position is 0 when it should be e.g. 203mm.

You do not state whether normal Z movement is correct or if the printer attempts to move downwards during printing. You would have to let the printer attempt more than one layer to observe whether this is the case.

I would check your Sprinter configuration to determine whether it matches the physical hardware.

May I ask why you are using Sprinter on your Mendel90? The kits which nophead sells use Marlin on their Melzi controller. Even as a self-sourced build I would expect the use of Marlin.

Neil Darlow

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