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Editing Firmware for Prusa i3 variant Printer

Posted by hunterdoom 
Editing Firmware for Prusa i3 variant Printer
May 14, 2016 07:13PM
Hello everyone.

Printer being used: Hictop Prusa i3

Recently I've been wanting to edit my firmware to test out the x-y jerk/acceleration, however, I am still new in how to edit the microcontroller for 3D printers. My biggest issue is the number of different variants of the Prusa i3 series and I don't know what firmware I am suppose to look for and be able to edit and upload to my printer.

So my biggest questions are:

1) Do all prusa i3 variants use the same code to print (cpp, hex, h, etc)?
2) Where can I get my specific printers code?
3) For those using MatterControl, is the EEPROM window not able to change the settings on the microcontroller? I can't get the program to save any changes and every time I reopen the window, the settings still show all 0 (zeros).

Any help would be appreciated, been trying to solve warped edges and shifted layers during midprint.

Thank you

Re: Editing Firmware for Prusa i3 variant Printer
May 15, 2016 12:15PM
wrong section try posting here: [reprap.org] , good luck winking smiley
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