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RUMBA questions

Posted by Rich K. 
RUMBA questions
October 04, 2016 09:31PM
A couple years ago I bought a RUMBA board, LCD 12864 smart controller, and Geeetech DRV8825 stepper drivers to eventually upgrade my Mendel90 to a dual extruder system. What with this and that I lost track of it. Found it again recently, and now I have some questions:

1) Is there a ready-made Marlin sketch available for the RUMBA/Mendel90 combination? Can I copy some settings (z-height, etc) directly from my Melzi Marlin sketch?

2) Can the RUMBA, like the Melzi, be programmed straight from the USB cable, without having to be connected to my modified ATX power supply?

3) For that matter, what would be the easiest and fastest way to program the RUMBA so I can (hopefully) just do a simple swap and be up and running again in the shortest time possible?
Re: RUMBA questions
October 07, 2016 06:22PM
Anybody? Nobody?
Re: RUMBA questions
October 08, 2016 08:54PM
the wiki has a page for the rumba. Reprap.org/wiki/rumba
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