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Smoothieboard on Mendel90

Posted by amr_dwarf 
Smoothieboard on Mendel90
August 27, 2017 05:53PM

Have anyone here set up their Mendel90 with a Smoothieboard?
What was the result (pros/cons)?
Any configuration to share?

/ Tobbe
Re: Smoothieboard on Mendel90
August 29, 2017 01:15PM

yes I use smoothieware on a azsmz for my Mendel90.
I found no cons.
The two main pros are:
1. the easy way to configure and
2. You can use a display without any lags.
Even the sound is smoother - no explanation why. And on the azsmz you can use the tms2100 and have as good as no noise.
I am on holiday and can not send you the configuration now. I will do it as soon as I am at home again.
But the configuration is easy and straight forward. Even the integration of additional fans and the temperature control for them is simple. For example for the driver or the cold end.

Re: Smoothieboard on Mendel90
August 29, 2017 03:53PM
Lots of users use Smoothie on Mendel and Prusa-type machines and are very happy with the results. More features, more movement smoothness, better planning, less print artifacts, much better documentation, very active development, active community of people ready to help you. Pretty much state of the art.

I see OP mentions azsmz, before using azsmz or mks, users probably want to be made aware of this : [smoothieware.org] for some people it isn't important, but just in case you are somebody for whom this matters.
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