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Bed Levelling with a BL-Touch

Posted by Bearded Flyer 
Bed Levelling with a BL-Touch
December 05, 2019 11:33AM
Although my Mendel90 does not require frequent bed levelling I do check it from time to time. This involves removing the extruder and replacing it with a dial gauge. Whilst this is not too onerous I have bought a BL-Touch probe as a project to stop having to fit the dial gauge. I realise that I could use Neil Darlow's Marlin code to enable Automatic Bed levelling but that is not what I want. I would like to temporaraly mount the BL-Touch under the X-carriage next to the extruder (J Head currently), probe the bed and display the results on my Panelolu II. I do not want the BL-touch mounting permanantly. I also do not know which pins on the Melzi board to connect the BL-Touch wires to to for the servo and Z-axis stop functions.

If I cannot do that then I may try to program an Arduino Nano to raise and lower the probe and manually lower the Z axis via Octoprint until the BL-Touch switch operates. That would be a longer process so if it was automated that would be better. I am not looking for the BL-touch to apply compensation to the first layer, and some subsequent layers, to allow for an unlevel bed. I just want to use it the check and report on the current status of the bed fo level.

Has anybody dome this or have any ideas to guide me?
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