New thermistor for Orcabot 0.43??
March 02, 2020 02:22AM
Hello folks!

My temperature is behaving strange lately. During one print it jumped as you can see in the screenshot from octopi. When I touch the wires the temperature also jumps up to 30 degrees down.

Additionally my printer started grinding the filament in the middle of the print, so I anticipated too low extrusion temperature. All in all I am wondering now if I should change my thermistor.

As the printer is quite old I really do not know where and what to buy. As I also do not have an editable firmware for my Orcabot a totally new hotend would call for complete re-engineering of the firmware.

Any idea on my thermistor problem and probably also a good source to buy the exact replacement?

Thanks a lot!


Orcabot 0.43 with heated bed.
open | download - 79D09862-C7B5-44C0-8AE6-2D28C68F10B3.jpeg (710.8 KB)
open | download - 148D4690-7327-41B5-A97C-A8CA81E99B4E.jpeg (365.3 KB)
Re: New thermistor for Orcabot 0.43??
March 02, 2020 04:28PM
Would this thing be a possible replacement:


I was looking for a Mendel-part thermistor but that seems to bring to google hits.

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Re: New thermistor for Orcabot 0.43??
March 02, 2020 04:52PM
This one says I need to update the firmware:

Do I just set it to 5 instead of 3 (was specified for Mendel parts) or do I need do do more, e.g. with the temperature table?

Marlin Konfiguration:


Temperature Table

// 5 is ParCan supplied 104GT-2 100K

// 5 is 100K thermistor - ATC Semitec 104GT-2 (4.7k pullup)

// 8 is ATC Semitec 104GT-2
Re: New thermistor for Orcabot 0.43??
March 04, 2020 11:57AM
Seems that I will buy the one from eBay, switch from 3 to 5 in Marlin and do an auto tune for the hotend to get good PID values.

But nobody seem to care what is going on here anymore. At least that is my impression. But for me it’s a good log and perhaps some time someone finds it helpful.
Re: New thermistor for Orcabot 0.43??
March 04, 2020 03:42PM
Why are you asking about Orcabot in the Mendel90 section of the forum? Mendel90 is a specific machine that uses a different hot and and a different thermistor.

Re: New thermistor for Orcabot 0.43??
March 04, 2020 03:46PM
Thank you for the hint. I was not aware of that. Sorry. Can the thread be reassigned by you as admin to the right section? I will keep on reporting my progress. I just got a backup from my running gen 6 deluxe board and are now ready for updating my Firmware. I Ordered the new thermistor just minutes ago thumbs up.
Re: New thermistor for Orcabot 0.43??
March 11, 2020 01:09PM
I bought the one from ebay (link abouve in one of my posts) and it fits mechanically. 20°C seem to be fine but +240°C range is wrong. I need to set thermistor to 5 instead of the 3. Let's see if I get the new FW uploaded. I am still struggeling.
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