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Y-Axis partly Waves/Ripples

Posted by Psike2k12 
Y-Axis partly Waves/Ripples
April 06, 2020 03:37AM
As you can see on the photo I have a problem with waves from a certain point on the y-axis.
I have used my Mendel after a long time, before I did not have this problem.
I have already tensioned the belts and tightened all screws.
Any idea what could cause this problem?
I had these ripples in the front part of the Y-axis in all models I tested.

open | download - Waves.jpg (304.5 KB)
Re: Y-Axis partly Waves/Ripples
February 12, 2021 04:37AM
So this object was printed with the long sides parallel to the Y axis and the end at the front of the bed has waves?

I would suspect one of the linear bearings has failed. Perhaps if you move it by hand with the power off you can feel it.

Re: Y-Axis partly Waves/Ripples
February 12, 2021 04:51AM
Thanks for the feedback.
Yes it was the Y axis and then from the middle to the front, i got this waves.
I will check each linear bearing on all axis, might be anyway a good idea after years of using.
And replace them if necessary.
Re: Y-Axis partly Waves/Ripples
February 12, 2021 01:41PM
I clean my bearing before use using a You-Tube video I found

Great Bearing Cleaning video

Computer Programmer / Electronics Technician
Re: Y-Axis partly Waves/Ripples
March 01, 2021 08:13AM
If new linear bearings don't resolve the issue, I would thoroughly inspect the printer to rule out worn out or loose parts, particularly the printed plastic parts.

I'm actually in the process of rebuilding and updating my Mendel90 with a full set of new plastic parts printed in Polymax PETG. I found that many of the original ABS plastic parts showed signs of fatigue and when I came to disassemble my printer many of the plastic parts crumbled, meaning my printer was probably a lot less sturdy than it once was! It's worth mentioning that I originally self-printed the plastic parts and the filament I used may not have been the best quality.

I purchased a full set (plus spares) of linear bearings from e3d-online.com and can confirm they are of good enough quality, at least as far as these low-cost bearings go.
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