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Replacement board for my Mendel90

Posted by Psike2k12 
Replacement board for my Mendel90
February 12, 2021 03:24AM
I would like to use my old Mendel "Dibond" by nophead again after a long time.
But unfortunately, since the middle of last year are strange waves in the back of my print.
I have everything cleaned and recalibrated, there is also a post from last year.

Now I have no more idea and would like to change to a newer controller board variant, does anyone have any suggestions?
Re: Replacement board for my Mendel90
February 12, 2021 04:32AM
Sorry I didn't see your post about ripples when you posted it. I doubt changing the controller will make any difference.

Re: Replacement board for my Mendel90
March 01, 2021 08:24AM
I've just replied to your other post but I agree with nophead here, I'm not sure if a new board would solve the issue.

If you did want to get a new board anyway, there's a great blog post here documenting the upgrade process from another Mendel90 user [janoc.rd-h.com]

I'm currently considering switching to an SKR board with some TMC drivers to try to reduce the noise of my printer a little and upgrade to Marlin 2.0. I'd also like an LCD and a Z probe but I can't achieve this on the Melzi because I have the original Atmega 644P, which has very little space for additional features.

I don't think I need all the features of the SKR pro so I'm looking at the SKR 1.4 turbo, which can be had for as little as ~£20 from banggood. I also don't think it's worth getting the TMC2130 like in the blog post, the TMC2208 should be fine.
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