Duet 3 Mini 5+ Wifi
December 12, 2021 07:57AM
I am planning to equip my Nophead Mendel90 from 2013 with a Duet 3 Mini 5+ Wifi.
Has this been done before and can tell me in advance what obstacles I will encounter.
I replaced my hotend with an E3D v6 in 2014, but otherwise it's the good old machine.

In the course of the conversion I would like to retrofit a few comfort functions e.g. Automatic Bed Leveling (BLTouch?)

I wonder if it makes sense to connect both Z motors separately and use top end stops each, would that add value or is connecting in parallel like before still the preferred way of connecting?

I know that many will say that is not worth it and and and, does not matter to me I have fun on the project and I love this printer, the aluminum Dibond is still in 2021 a feast for the eyes.
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